Our Mission

  • Offer Quality Services and Products
  • Strive to Understand Client Needs and Expectations, Always Meeting and Often Exceeding Them
  • Present Unique and Creative Solutions
  • Keep Current as our Industry Changes, Considering New Products and Services that Complement those Existing
  • Think of All Client Relationships as Long-term
  • Maintain an Environment that Reflects our Enthusiasm Toward our Work


Providing –

High-Intelligibility audio reinforcement and reproduction systems

  • Analog and DSP-based
  • Portable and installed
  • Indoor and all-weather

Large high-resolution image displays

  • Flat Panel and Projection, 2K and 4K
  • Universal switching matrices
  • HD digital media, merging legacy analog with HD digital
  • Multi-image processing on single or multiple screens

Universal control systems

  • Wired and wireless touch panel, keypad or hybrid
  • IP and serial based
  • Tablet; Smart Phone

Custom presentation furniture

  • Multimedia lecterns, Equipment racks and bays




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